Beth Moore Challenges Women to Circle Every Woman’s Name in the Bible

As we reported yesterday and posted in the video (below), Beth Moore is clearly not doing well. As the weaker vessel (1 Peter 3:7), she seems to be near mental collapse.

Moore has been on a manic tirade, trying desperately to excuse her sin of usurping male authority (1 Timothy 2:12) by preaching and advocating for female pastors. The pressure has clearly got to her.

In a recent tweet, Beth Moore mischaracterized John MacArthur’s position (and the Apostle Paul’s position) on female pastors as “no longer [using] women in spreading the gospel.”

Of course, no one is arguing that God doesn’t use women to spread the Gospel. Rather, Bible-believing Christians are arguing that the office of pastor along with its various functions (like expositing Scripture and teaching doctrine to gathered assemblies) is reserved for men in keeping with God’s explicit Scriptural instructions.

Beth Moore then issued a bizarre challenge. She challenged people to read the NT from beginning to end and circle every woman’s name.

There are 49 women named in the Holy Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. Their words account for 1.1% of those recorded in the Bible. A total of 36 women are named in the New Testament.

Pulpit & Pen would also like to issue a challenge. Circle all the names of those 36 women in the New Testament who serve in the office of Disciple, Apostle, or Pastor/Elder.

Of 66 books of the Bible, zero were written by women.

Of 12 Disciples chosen by Jesus, zero were women.

Of the 70 witnesses sent out by Christ, zero were women.

Of all the elders and pastors mentioned in the Bible, zero were women.

In fact, the first instance in history we see of traveling itinerate female evangelists were the Montanist heretic prophetesses, Maximilla and Priscilla, who ended up being anathematized by the church for being of the devil.

Circle names all you want. It won’t change anything.

Please pray for Beth Moore. She’s not well.

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