Marcus Hayes Withdraws from FBC Naples, Committee to Appoint Interim Without Approval

DEVELOPING: In a letter from the inept pulpit search committee, it was just disclosed that Marcus Hayes has withdrawn his name from consideration at FBC Naples.

The search committee chairman, Neil Dorrill – who publicly accused his own church of racism because 19% voted against Hayes due to concerns over Social Justice – said that it was “unfortunate” the ordeal caused “negative publicity.”

The negative publicity, we will remind you, was due to Dorrill accusing the church of racism without any evidence and then systematically excommunicating every church member who they knew for sure voted against Hayes.

The pulpit committee lowered the voting age to 16, some people were baptized a second time so as to quickly become a member and vote, they pushed out as many millennials as possible, staff members and school faculty told people they’d lose their jobs if Hayes wasn’t hired, and some people even suggested those over 80 shouldn’t vote because “it’s not their future.”

Then, the pulpit committee insisted it would have a do-over vote after publicly beating its members for voting contrary to their wishes. It should be no surprise that the interim pastor of FBC Naples will be appointed without congregational say-so.

Dear Church Family,

We spoke to Pastor Marcus Hayes last evening and unfortunately, he has asked that his name be removed from consideration to be our next Senior Pastor.  We realize that this will be a major disappointment to several thousand members and supporters of First Baptist, and we want you to know that we are also disappointed.  Marcus Hayes remains one of America’s most qualified and experienced young pastors and whose appeal covered all generations and cultures in our community. 

It is truly unfortunate that the vote to call our new pastor became tainted by negative publicity.  So, the question is where do we go from here? The following key areas will now be explored:

We will be initiating immediate discussions concerning the merits of an Interim Pastor facilitated by the Personnel Committee and Pastoral Staff. An Interim Pastor will be asked to serve until the Senior Pastor Search Team finds God’s next man as a candidate for Senior Pastor. We will continue to reach our community and beyond for the cause of Christ, while seeking maturity, healing and unity within the body here at FBCN.We need to evaluate our Constitution and Bylaws to reestablish the historical 2/3 supermajority vote to call a new Senior Pastor, and provide better clarity of lay leadership accountability within our church structure. 

Finally, we should affirm and encourage our members, supporters, and staff in the months ahead.  Are we disappointed? Yes. Are we discouraged? Not at all. Are we defeated? Never. We will spend eternity together with our Savior and defeat is simply not an option. 

“ Be strong and of good courage… for the Lord our God… will not let you down or leave you”. Deut. 31:6 


Senior Pastor Search Team
Neil Dorrill, ChairmanTroy Boone, Vice ChairmanJinny BakerLes DicksonDulce DudleyDebbie NortonMichael WinkleJanie Winterman
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