College Clinic Asks Only Women About Menstrual Cycle, Reported for ‘Hate’ By Students

After a professor refused to silence or censure students who said that abortion was a “woman’s issue” and that “men do not have abortions,” they were reported to university administration officials who are investigating the matter as a possible transphobic hate crime.

One student lodged a complaint at the Campus Climate reporting website that the discussion was “offensive to the trans community.”

The student complained that calling abortion a “women’s issue erases trans men and people who are non-binary who get abortions and/or use birth control.”

The student said the professor should have “pushed back against the student.”

There were 49 other complaints filed with Iowa State’s “Campus Climate” staff over the last year according to The College Fix. Of the 49 reports, 20 percent deal with issues relating to “misgendering” trannies.

In August 2018, a student reported having a discussion with their music professor about gender and pronouns, but complained the professor was still having problems with “misgendering.”

A student reported another professor for joking that students should be able to tell an individual’s sex just by looking at them and “made a face of uneasiness.”

In another complaint, a student complained that only women were asked when they had their last menstrual cycle at the school clinic.

Another complaint was that someone had written pro-Trump slogans with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks and this, somehow, violated the human rights of trans students.

Yet another complaint was received when a student emailed the Iowa State Admissions Office requesting another student be removed from the school for saying she would refuse to call transgender students by their preferred pronouns. “If they have a vagina, they are a girl,” the offending student said on a video taken during a class.

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