Audio: FBC Naples Members Speak Out to Pulpit & Pen

If you’ve been following P&P, you know that FBC Naples, FL has been excommunicating church members who didn’t vote for a pastoral candidate recommended by their pulpit search committee.

These members – 19% of the congregation – were concerned with the ‘woke’ tweet history of the pastoral candidate Marcus Hayes, his banning of FBCN members on social media inquiring of him his positions, his advocacy for Eric Mason’s ‘Woke Church,’ his comments about law enforcement, and integrity issues as it relates to the pulpit search committee.

Without following Matthew 18, at least nine families have been removed by executive fiat of the deacon body. They have been accused of racism without the slightest attempt to demonstrate it. They have been demonized and villanized by the church leadership for exercising their right of conscience, and they have been threatened with restraining orders and with cease-and-desist letters from a pro-LGBT law firm.

Members are coalescing together to speak to ‘Enemies Within the Church’ to explain in a documentary how terribly their leadership has treated them and they are also speaking out to Pulpit & Pen.

JD is joined by former members of FBC Naples to discuss their mistreatment, their longstanding love and support of the church, and describe how they were treated for standing up against a corrupt search committee process and for disagreeing with the woke Social Justice motivations in the SBC leading their church to mistreat its own membership for the sake of political correctness.

As always, P&P is giving a voice to the abused, mistreated, and marginalized. Thanks for listening to this important interview. Let’s pray for FBC Naples and the members left behind who are being threatened, manipulated, and bullied into remaining quiet in the face of their persecution. 

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