School Gives Ads for Condoms and Birth Control to Second-Graders

A Tennessee school is under scrutiny after giving students as young as 6-years-old fliers that are advertising free condoms, birth control pills, and sterilization implants for kids.

The Mary Hughes School in Piney Flats dispensed the fliers, which were printed and provided by the Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps. The flier advertised “free birth control and pre-pregnancy services” and also “implants, pills, condoms and more.”

Apparently, the school district thought that kids far removed from puberty needed to be informed of their ‘reproductive rights.’

The criticism of the school became news when Richard Penkoski of Warriors for Christ posted about it in social media and his three-minute speech to the school board was covered by The Christian Post.

Penkoski said, “And why was this given to my 7-year-old? Since when is it the school’s job to give information to my child about birth control? When did the public schools decide they can teach my child issues regarding morality and sex?”

He continued, “I know liberals on this council, specifically, will say something like, ‘Well, schools teach reproduction.’ You are right. They do teach biological facts in regard to reproduction. This flyer is not talking about reproduction. It teaches birth control. I also can’t help but notice that abstinence is not on this list.”

A local news outlet later claimed that the fliers were disbursed to the younger students on accident. The Director of Schools, David Cox, said that the information for birth control was inadvertently printed on the back of a flier about vision and dental health. However, the source also indicates that the fliers were given to school nurses who promptly printed out the fliers and intentionally gave it out to students.

In related news, if you don’t want your kids indoctrinated by the public school system, you might not want to send them to the public school system. They’re literally paid to indoctrinate (teach) your children.

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