Public School Teacher Segregated Classroom By Religion, Ridiculed Conservative Christians

A teacher at the South Johnston High School, Julia Lopp, divided her classroom based on religious beliefs, as well as by their policy stances on abortion and homosexuality. The teacher – who was supposed to be teaching Spanish – then ridiculed the more conservative Christians students.

Students were asked whether they had a mental health issue or panic attacks and were also segregated based on their answers to these health questions.

The North Carolina Spanish teacher then told the students that if they told anyone she segregated the classroom by religious and political beliefs she would get them in trouble, hurt their grades, or scuttle their chances at going to college.

Superintendent Jim Causby said, “This is an unfortunate incident and one I wish had not happened. It is never appropriate for a teacher to segregate students based on religious,  political or personal beliefs. In fact, it is not appropriate for a teacher to even ask a student what their beliefs are. Our school system takes very seriously the rights of students in these areas and students should never be instructed to not share classroom activities with their parents.”

The Johnston County Report, the local newspaper, reported on the incident.

It was Lopp’s first year as a teacher. She lasted two full months before her social engineering agenda got her put on leave. She has not yet been fired.

All things said and done, it’s not clear how this story is vastly different from what happens in most other public schools in America on a daily basis. It seems that this teacher just happened to get caught.

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