Video: John MacArthur Just Preached Entire Sermon on Women Preachers Going Home

John MacArthur made bleeding-heart belly-achers swoon on their fainting couches when he expressed a sentiment that all conservative Christians agree with; Beth Moore should go home and women should not preach.

What should have been the least controversial statement possible among Biblical Christians became a cause of weeping and gnashing of teeth by a new generation of millennials who were catechized by limp-wristed Beta males lorded over by militant women.

A man well-known for hosting an annual conference for pastors (women cannot register) became the center of weeks-long attacks as though his position was somehow from out in left-field when – in fact – he was at home plate.

The chief criticism from soy-sipping, estrogen-fueled sparsely-bearded hipsters and dwarfed, faux-Reformed tattoo-monkeys like Joe Thorn is that MacArthur could have been kinder to Beth Moore and Elijah could have been sweeter to Jezebel. Part of the presumed kindness required of pastors toward make-up caked aerobics instructors-turned-preachers is also apparently to provide a long-form defense of common sense rather than simply giving a two-word response; go home.

I would argue that MacArthur has already written a commentary of 1 Timothy 2, so a long-form explanation is not necessary. Likewise, anyone with a brain knows that the crazy-eyed hairbrush prophet should go home and explanation is not necessary. However, the Joe Thorns in the world, probably deceived by a Napoleon complex set-off by lungs full of Nicotine and a higher-than-healthy B.A.C., apparently need a longer explanation for what “Go Home” means and why it was said.

After all, drunks usually need to be told at last-call, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here” more than once.

MacArthur provided further explanation in his sermon on Sunday. We’ll link the higher quality video here when Grace Community Church releases it. But for now, here it is. We hope you enjoy it. He pulled no punches.

If Joe Thorn weren’t 4 feet tall, the sermon would have hit him square in the nose. If Beth Moore had a heart consisting of anything but unregenerate stone, it would be convicted.