Oklahoma Police Investigating “It’s Okay to Be White” Signs as Hate Crime

Last week, P&P reported that British police were investigating stickers that biologically defined “male and female” being left in public places as a “hate crime.” Although that type of insanity seems more common across the pond, Oklahoma police are now investigating signs that say “It’s okay to be white” as a hate crime right here in the good ole’ U.S.A.

The signs, which were posted on telephone poles and other places where it’s common to see public fliers, were simply printed on white paper with normal font that read plainly, “It’s okay to be white.”

The Associated Press and ABC8 Tulsa are reporting that police are trying to hunt down the suspects to determine their motives to see whether or not their intentions were hateful.

“Investigators are trying to determine his intent and whether the actions are a hate crime,” the report says.

Of course, for something to be a “hate crime,” an actual crime has to be involved. Police noted to the press that the fliers were not put up in such a way that caused property damage. And, the last we checked, it actually is okay to be white.

What’s frightening about this story is that even though police acknowledge posting the fliers is not a crime per se, they might want to charge the person with a crime anyway if their “intent” was hateful. This is not how hate-crime legislation is supposed to work. Intentions do not matter unless actual crimes are committed.

It seems the Tulsa police are interested in prosecuting thoughts as crimes rather than actions as crimes.

Some have suggested there is evidence that the fliers, which have often been posted in Massachusetts and elsewhere, is a “troll” designed to force leftists into the position of disagreeing with the fliers, thus proving themselves as the real racists.

It seems to be working.