National Radio Host Demonstrates Mohler is Not a Conservative, His Positions Are From Politics Rather Than Conviction

Nationally syndicated radio host and conservative Christian pundit, Janet Mefferd, used her time on America’s airwaves yesterday to discuss Albert Mohler’s nomination for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Going to great pains through the use of audio clips (provided by Jon Harris at Conversations that Matter), Mefferd revealed three of Mohler’s professors at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary espousing Critical Race Theory and the most extreme progressive philosophies.

Then Mefferd played audio from Albert Mohler, saying at the 2019 Shepherd’s Conference that who he “platforms” speaks for where he stands on this issue. Mefferd followed up by demonstrating that Mohler platforms some of the most radical progressives in evangelicalism.

Mefferd demonstrated in the episode that on top of platforming extremist leftists, he has also been quiet regarding the leftism of Russell Moore, the complete take-over of leftists at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, the hiring of Karen Swallow Prior, and silence while the SBC passed Resolution 9 in favor of Critical Race Theory.

However, the smoking gun evidence provided by Mefferd against Mohler was audio clips from interviews conducted in 1997 with key leaders in the SBC during the tail-end of the Conservative Resurgence who claim that Mohler is a convinced progressive and liberal and did not change his views (or appear to) until it was clear that his side would lose the denominational battle.

These SBC leaders – on the other side of the progressive-conservative aisle – explicitly said that Mohler’s newly-found conservative positions were entirely political AND even said that “if the wind shifted” Mohler would turn back into a liberal at a moment’s notice.

Mohler himself, as the press records and these men recall, led a protest movement at SBTS in his earliest days to fight for the ordination of women.

The episode is absolutely devastating for anyone trying to argue that Mohler is a tried-and-true conservative and has legitimate conservative convictions. Mohler is a political beast, and he serves as the weather cock for the SBC. Whichever direction the wind is blowing, that man will lead.

Listen below.