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Video: JD Reports on Critical Race Theory Tearing Apart SBC Megachurch

Video: JD Reports on Critical Race Theory Tearing Apart SBC Megachurch

A flurry of reporting from polemics news sites are getting out the real truth about what happened recently at FBC Naples, Florida. After initial reports claimed the church was racist for not voting to confirm a pastoral candidate who happened to be black, church members have come forward with emails, videos, and documentation demonstrating that they were in fact worried about his theological and political views.

These posts include:

FBC Naples Insider Speaks Out About Alleged Racism and Unbiblical Excommunications at FBC Naples

Leaked Emails Show That FBC Naples’ Members Had Serious Concerns About Marcus Hayes’ Biblical Qualifications

Was it racism, abortion or Wokeness that had a SBC church reject a black pastor candidate?

Leader at FBC Naples Who Are Charging the Members With “Racism” Had Corruption Charges Against Him

The Church That Rejected the Black Pastor Most LIkely Had Absolutely Nothing to do With Race

Black Pastor Candidate Rejected Over Abortion and Social Justice, Not Race

SBC Church Accused of “Racism” Because They Won’t Hire a Progressive ‘Woke’ Preacher

You can read all that. Or, just listen to JD report on it below. The church government is intent on excommunicating members who voted against the pastoral candidate by the fiat of their deacon board (in violation of Matthew 18). They have also threatened some with lawsuits and restraining orders. JD played a short video clip indicating what the church leadership really cared about…the man’s ethnicity.

Those who voted against him, it seems, cared about theology and worldview issues. This is what happens when Critical Race Theory invades the church.

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