Muslims Telling Americans to Eat Bugs to Prove We Aren’t Racist

Muslims subscribe to dietary restrictions called Halal. Foods that are not Halal (accepted) are called Haram (forbidden) and include pork and pork products, carnivorous animals, alcohol (including foods basted in alcohol), and any and all meat not killed in the name of Allah. And although bacon is forbidden, bugs are not. And now, the largest Muslim television network in the world is telling Westerners to eat bugs to prove we aren’t racist.

We Americans may eat beer-battered pork brats, but we’re not going to be taking the advice of Muslims on insect ingestion any time soon, which sounds like they’re way to troll us and see exactly how far our virtue-signaling will take us.

Yara Elmjouie of Al Jazeera put out a video telling Westerners and English-speakers to eat bugs as a way to demonstrate that we haven’t been indoctrinated by Columbus and the infidels who conquered the Western hemisphere.

According to Elmjouie, people don’t eat bugs only because “European colonizers demonized indigenous people as ‘savages’ for eating insects.”

That’s probably because only savages eat insects.

To be clear, the folks who don’t want us to eat pork want us to eat cockroaches.

You can watch their propaganda video below.

Elmjouie said, “Over 2 billion people eat insects around the world today. So…let’s also think about reframing our past, and chart a new course toward a future that’s fully liberated from those early colonizers’ misinformed worldviews.”

Of course, those two billion people eating bugs are the same two billion who are dying of AIDS, starvation, pestilence and wipe their defecated behinds with their left hand.

Please forgive us, but we’re going to stick with bacon.

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