Man Screams at Little Girl in Wheelchair: “You Should Have Been Aborted!”

While going to school with her mother and older brother, four-year-old Quinn Ross was harassed by a man who cornered the family and yelled at the little girl, “You should have been aborted.”

Quinn has Perthes disease, a non-fatal disorder that makes walking more than a couple steps a painful ordeal. Police are now investigating the situation as a hate crime.

Quinn’s mother, Emma Ross, spoke out about the situation:

“The man was yelling in her face, saying she shouldn’t have been born, she was a drain on the NHS, a drain on society and that I should have had her aborted if I’d known she was going to be disabled. It was appalling. I pushed him away, power-walked off to school and it was the school who phoned the police.”

The Hertfordshire police released a statement:

 “A four year old girl from Cheshunt who was verbally abused on her way to school because she was in a wheelchair has been supported by specialist police officers.”

Taresa Holden, a police officer who investigates hate crimes said in a statement:

“No one should worry about leaving home and facing abuse, particularly a little girl who is in too much pain to walk to school because of a rare medical condition.”

Quinn is now reportedly too scared to leave the house in her wheelchair.

Disabled children getting harassed for being alive is no surprise in the UK. Politicians have called for unborn babies with disabilities to be forcibly aborted. Hospitals have been allowed to take children’s lives, as in the Alfie Evans case. Abortion in the UK is illegal after 24 weeks, unless the child has a disability.

Evil begets evil, and a nation that encourages the barbaric slaughter of disabled babies after diagnosis in the womb will produce citizens who shout those convictions in the face of those that survive the holocaust.

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