County Commissioner Complains About “Queer Running for President,” Everybody Panics

Don’t you hate it when people get to express their opinions? One county commissioner from Tennessee is learning that not everyone appreciates him articulating what lots of other folks are thinking.

At a Sevier County Commissioner meeting, Warren Hurst spoke out about the importance of making the county a “sanctuary county” for gun rights, which basically means they tell the federal government their gun laws don’t apply in the county.

Although the context is a bit unclear, Hurst complained about the Democratic Party “running a queer for president.” More than half the room applauded.

People are now infuriated by a pretty reasonable opinion that someone who doesn’t know their anus is an exit probably shouldn’t be president. If they can’t work their orifices correctly, they might be a nightmare running the oval office.

Some from the LGBTQ “Community” are particularly frustrated that Hurst used the word queer. Apparently it’s not nice to call LGBTQ people queer.

With a toothpick sticking out of his mouth, Commissioner Hurst just spoke his mind without giving a care. You’ve got to love county government.

You can watch the video below.