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Joseph Prince: Angel of Light

The Mega-Church and Positive Thinking cults merge in Joseph Prince’s Mega-Empire. A recent interview on Fox News showed the well-groomed Prince speaking of Jesus. His mistaken interpretation of the Bible at several points was evident. Initially, Prince pits Moses against Jesus as if the Bible portrays two religions. His misappropriation of biblical language, especially “grace” is a pretext for his positive thinking approach.

And, as can be seen in a litany of books and on-line publications, Joseph Prince is masquerading as an Angel of Light. “God is not an angry judge,” Prince opines, “but is a loving father” [Lower case intentional as Prince is speaking of a made-up entity, an indulgent heavenly grandparent that winks at eveything]. In this manner, Prince would have to rule out the entire OT and much of the NT. Jesus Himself exhibits anger.

In Mark 3:5 we see that Jesus is not immune from exhibiting wrath [ὀργή, in Greek]. In a picturesque scene in John’s Gospel, Jesus twice makes a groaning sound, which literally means that He snorted as a Horse. The term is a mark of anger [See John 11:33, 38. Greek, (ἐμβριμάομαι)]. Furthermore, it is Jesus that will pour out His wrath upon God’s enemies [Rev. 6:16-17; esp. 19:5].

No doubt, Prince’s jesus, meek and mild, is a product of his imagination [Lower case intentional]. The Apostle warned us that Satan appears as an “angel of light” and his minions as servants of apparent righteousness [2 Cor. 11:13-15]. Only a huckster would profane the Lord’s Supper and turn it into a gimmick. This is precisely what Prince has done.

Show me your friends and I’ll show you . . . .

While Prince is lauded by the media and fawned over by an unsuspecting public, when measured against the whole Bible, this man is clearly weighed and found wanting. He may be Joseph Prince, but he is not serving the Prince of Peace but the Prince of darkness.

[Author’s Note: To see the interview click here].