Mannish Woman Who Tried to Urinate Standing Up Now Trying to Correct John MacArthur on Gender Roles

Jackie Hill Perry, who has the more holes punched in her Gospel Coalition Intersectionality Score Card than anyone else, went on the offensive against Dr. MacArthur’s position on Biblical gender roles.

After John MacArthur echoed what basically anybody with a Biblical view of gender roles has been saying for more than a decade – that Beth Moore should “go home” and stop preaching – he has received an unrelenting assault by America’s most prominent liberals. One such woman is a Gospel Coalition contributor and lesbian, Jackie Hill Perry, who has confessed to trying to pee standing up because of her gender role confusion.

Perry, who is now married to a man, is still “Same-Sex Attracted” and has a “sexual orientation” that remains unchanged. Her primary talking-point on the stages set before her by America’s rich, white elitists is that God will not change a homosexual’s sinful desires. Perry, who does recognize that homosexual behavior is a sin, does not believe that homosexual desire is a sin.

As a part of her testimony (which does not ultimately result in a change of her orientation or nature), Perry mentions having reluctantly to pee sitting down in the lyrics of her filthy spoken word, My Life As a Stud. In subsequent interviews, Perry talked about how as a younger woman she tried in futility to pee standing up, as though she were a man.

The Pharisees taught that with enough labor and work, your outside behavior could be modified. But the Gospel of Jesus taught that cleaning the outside of the cup wasn’t good enough (Matthew 23:25), but that God would give a new heart and new nature that would change us from the inside out (Ezekiel 36:26).

Perry is a social justice advocate who not only preaches to both men and women, but advocates for female pastors on her twitter page and other platforms. Perry regularly attacks God-assigned gender roles. Perry has also rabidly defended female preachers like Beth Moore and even the (equally heretical) Jenn Johnson of Bethel Church.

Perry also stepped out of her Biblical place to rebuke Dr. MacArthur, assign motives, and subversively attack complementarianism (which she calls “hyper-complementarianism;” read that: actual complementarianism).

Perry assigned motives to Dr. MacArthur, claimed he was egotistical and insecure, calls his Scripture-saturated theology “convenient” and accused him on not want to die, serve, or love the church. Dr. MacArthur has served faithfully in his church for half a century, preached line-by-line through the New Testament, and poured out his life in love. He was showing love to the church when Jackie Hill Perry was busy sodomizing other women.

Every time Jackie Hill Perry preaches in the pulpit, it is the theological equivalent of a woman trying to pee standing up. It can be done, it is theoretically possible, but it’s not the way it’s supposed to work and it’s only going to make a mess.

Someone needs to inform Perry that one cannot simply strap on preaching authority like accouterments she used in her former sodomy-laden life. Some things are just artificial, and cannot replace the real thing. God hands out qualifications for ministry like he hands out body parts, and imitations will never replace the authentic.

Perry refused recently to give any correct to a woman who thinks the Holy Spirit is a sneaky blue genie. But she is attacking the elder theologian, John MacArthur and assigning him the worst motives.

Maybe, just maybe…if you used to try to pee standing up you should be learning about gender roles and not trying to teach about them.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall]