‘Transgender Person’ Rejected For Adult Movie Is Considered a Hate Crime

As strange as this may be, and it is mightily strange, the UK is becoming overly sensitive concerning perceived hate crimes. Recently, the Police in the UK were investigating a case of someone accused of “transgender phobia” as a potential hate crime.

The 25-year-old person was of some notoriety having had a transgender identity change while a teenager, and thus the youngest in the UK to date. This person, who now goes by Ria Cooper was propositioned to star in an Adult Film. However, once the cameraman realized that Cooper still had male genitalia the offer was rescinded. As a result, Cooper alerted the Police that a “hate crime” had been committed. This was because it was acknowledged verbally that the male reproductive organs were the reason for rescinding the offer.

If this is the wave of the future in the UK and elsewhere, we can expect the increase of “hate crimes,” as people will continue to call a spade, a spade. Calling the police as a way to deal with differences in ideology or politics seems preposterous. But, it will become the norm if words continue to be considered crimes.