Homophobia Now a Crime That Will Carry Harsher Sentence Than Burglary

Judges in England have been ordered to hand out tough jail terms in a crackdown on transgender and homophobic hate crimes. These harsher measures will be implemented beginning January 1, 2020.

In this latest offensive, people found guilty of stirring up hatred based on sexuality, a thing in itself becoming increasingly complex, new sentencing guidelines demand at least six months in prison. Moreover, there should be a six-year jail sentence for those convicted of the worst cases of intolerance against gay or transgender people.

According to Mr. Justice Julian Goose, head member of the Judge-Led Sentencing Council, these guidelines would help the courts take a ‘consistent approach’ to sentencing the offenders. ‘Public order,’ Justice Goose adds, “is essential for the safe-functioning of society and the law seeks to protect the public from behaviour which undermines this.’

But, there may be horrid ramifications from this agenda-driven procedure, despite claims that it is not politically motivated. For example, Surrey Police, this year, had quizzed a Catholic mother-of-five after she was accused of ‘misgendering’ the trans daughter of an activist on social media by using the pronoun ‘him’.

In a similar investigation, this time by the Thames Valley Police was launched recently against demonstrators who put up stickers in Oxford with messages such as: ‘Woman: noun. Adult human female.’ An inquiry into possible public-order hate crimes is underway.

And, the law has not been implemented yet!

One shudders to think about how these cases will be interpreted in days ahead. This new initiative will mean transgender hate offenses will receive harsher sentences than domestic burglaries. One’s ideas, are potentially able to land you in prison for more time than vandals breaking into your home and stealing your possessions will have to serve. Incredible!

This appears to be heading to a Thought Police State run amok.