Unwilling Moms Can Be Tied Down And Forced to Abort, Says Judge

This week, a woman in England is to undergo a forced abortion on her twelve-week baby. The Judge in the case, Mr. Justice Williams, has made the ruling. He determined that hospital staff can physically restrain the vulnerable woman, if necessary, in order to administer a general anesthetic and to proceed with the abortion. The justification in this instance is that the unnamed young lady aged twenty-two is said to have the mind of a toddler.

Five months ago, another Judge attempted to impose a similar procedure on a woman also said to have learning disabilities. This time, the woman was twenty-two weeks pregnant, and once again, this was against her will. Thankfully, Mrs. Justice Lieven’s ruling was overturned due to massive public protestation by an Appeals Court.

Not surprisingly, this legal proceeding and its potential repetition brought out significant disgust by Deputy Chief Executive John Deighan of the Society For The Protection of Unborn Children [SPUC]. “This is an outrage which should shock every right-thinking person.” Claimed Deighan, “It is a level of cruelty and barbarity reminiscent of how people with mental health issues were treated in the 1930s of Nazi Germany.”

SPUC Campaign Research Officer Margaret Akers said: “When the case of forced abortion was overturned in June, SPUC raised serious questions regarding how such an inhumane ruling was ever made and sought reassurance that it will never happen again.” But, the courts repeated this unthinkable decision.

“To force abortion on any person is abhorrent” said Deighan, “and to do so in the name of medicine calls into question the structures of law and justice in our society.” One would find it extremely difficult to challenge John Deighan’s comments, especially the similarity with how Nazis treated mentally challenged people during the Secon World War.

It is truly scandalous that the devaluation of life has plummeted to unimaginable depths today. Now, a Judge with the bang of a gavel so easily sentences a child to death. Moreover, this is not about some backward country run by despotic murderers, it is happening in England. This writer is particularly horrified as this is the land of his birth. As a Christian, one must be outraged at this sort of ruling.

The sanctity of all human life is being buried deep, and seemingly is being erased speedily day by day. Irreverent medical practitioners are spurred on by scientists, politicians, judges, and worst of all, religious leaders, all of the evolutionary mindset. If all we are is matter, and if we are just dancing to our DNA, then the question of morality vanishes. If this way of thinking was implemented consistently, there would be no basis for outrage at the merciless killing of anybody. Until the Bible’s teaching on the nature of human life is reasserted, we may witness many more such wretched rulings.

[Author’s Note: All quoted material is from “UK Court Orders Forced Abortion On Woman” Published online at SPCU’s Website. Title changed by Pulpit and Pen]

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