Pope Francis Says Fat People are ‘Victims’ of Capitalism

Earlier in the day, Pulpit & Pen reported that a gender studies professor on Oprah’s television show blamed Donald Trump for the fatness of black women. And now, the Pope is arguing that fat people are the ‘victims’ of Capitalism.

Apparently to leftists, nobody’s fat by their own fault.

In a world of more than 820 under-nourished people, Pope Francis is more upset that 700 million are over-nourished the point of obesity. In a message delivered today to Qu Dongyu, the Director-General of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Francis lamented that some people have gotten a little rotund, calling them “victims of improper dietary habits.”

The Pope was especially soured at the thought of people from poorer developing nations getting fat. Here, Francis claimed, is “where they eat little but increasingly poorly, since they imitate dietary models imported from developed areas.”

Here are some children who would like to be victimized by Capitalism.

Inexpensive processed food and sugars – things that are heavy in calories – are often the first products available for sale in developing nations. The people then go from starvation to obesity almost overnight. And while they’re no longer starving thanks to Capitalism, they will lose their six-pack abs and their hunger-pained core will go to the birds.

What people need to do, in order to avoid obesity, Francis argued, was a more “collective” economic approach, be more concerned about “food justice” and place the environment as a higher place of importance.

Referring to Capitalism as “individualism and egocentrism,” the Pope said…

“[It] serves only to generate hunger and social inequality,” and then added that we need “fraternal solidarity that seeks the common good which will promote a healthy relationship with ourselves, with our brothers and sisters, and with the environment.”

Pope Francis went on to argue that the Free Market was the cause of the obesity health crisis.

“The battle against hunger and malnutrition will not end as long as the logic of the market prevails and profit is sought at any cost, with the result that food is relegated to a mere commercial product subject to financial speculation and with little regard for its cultural, social and indeed symbolic importance,”

Apparently, Francis wants the nationalization of the food industry, like they have in Venezuela. It is indeed difficult to develop a nationwide obesity problem on dog meat alone.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by a rotund victim of Capitalism]

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