WATCH: Woman Punched in Face by Anti-Trump Protestors

WATCH: Woman Punched in Face by Anti-Trump Protestors

Newly released video shows Trump supporters – including at least one woman and one man – being violently attacked by protestors outside of last Thursday’s Presidential Rally in Minneapolis.

The first clip shows a Trump supporter being held in a headlock, why he escaped the protestor struck him.

The next clip shows a woman walking through the crowd, holding hands with a man in a “Make America Great Again” sweatshirt. One of the protestors sucker-punches her in the back of the head as she walks by.

Skip to the 0:49 second mark to see the first attack:

One of the victims told the local news outlet:

“You know, I was walking through there trying to… to be honest, trying to find my out here so I could get a cab to get outta here. But, uh, basically, yeah, some, uh, one of those people took my hat off. And when I tried to retrieve my hat, then, you know, two, three, maybe four of them kind of mobbed me and got sucker punched once or twice from behind and, yeah, I mean, unfortunately it’s not too surprising, considering what I’ve seen.”

Pulpit & Pen would encourage people who are exercising their First Amendment rights of speech and peaceful assembly to please not place themselves in jeopardy by walking through fascist mobs.

We would also encourage you, should you find yourself in such a position inadvertently, to be better armed than they are.

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