Three Historic Reasons Why Columbus is America’s Greatest Civil Rights Hero

People look on at a celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Day in 2016 at Seattle’s City Hall. Seattle began observing Indigenous Peoples’ Day two years earlier to promote the well-being and growth of Seattle’s Indigenous community.

Although a recent poll showed that 79% of college students said that Columbus Day should be discontinued because of their anti-Western Civilization indoctrination, the reality is that Christopher Columbus may very well be the great Civil Rights hero in American history.

As though giving Indigenous people the flu or their subsequent lack of antibodies was the fault of Columbus, some hold the unfortunate disease-oriented deaths against the explorer as though he were guilty of “genocide.” Others hold Columbus accountable for atrocities committed by subsequent explorers, imputing him with the guilt of every European to cross the Atlantic.

Whereas the war-like, human-sacrificing tribes of Central America could be guilty of the charge of genocide, Columbus was the tool of a providential God to bring life, hope, civilization, liberty, and prosperity to the New World. European explorers indeed brought military superiority to the New World, but war in the Americas between tribal people was nothing new; Europeans were just better at it. Nonetheless, it’s a historic travesty to blame Columbus, who we were at one time smart enough to show due honor.

Here are three historic reasons why Columbus might be the greatest civil rights hero ever known.

Three: Columbus opened America’s borders.

Before Columbus, America’s borders were closed off due Atlantic and Pacific oceans, serving as massive and impenetrable border walls, keeping out refugees who were simply looking for a better place to live, escape tyranny, and make a better home for their family.

Columbus breached the wall of the Atlantic ocean, and tore it down so that other people could come across the barrier placed between America’s Promised Land and the unwashed masses yearning to be free.

Columbus did more to open American borders than any Democrat, liberal, or bleeding heart leftist ever has. He took a barrier keeping America sealed off from the world that lasted for millennia and shattered it into pieces by the art of skillful navigation.

Two: Columbus did more for American immigration than anyone in history.

If the mark of liberalism is immigration, then Columbus deserves praise and honor by America’s leftists. Because of Columbus, millions of men, women, and children would be able to venture to America’s shores to reach refuge from oppression and find a higher quality of life.

Without Columbus, America would have had an immigration population growth of zero.

Because of Columbus, poor and underprivileged migrants were able to flee Europe, West Africa, and even eventually Asia to find a better home.

One: Columbus brought ethnic diversity to the Americas.

Prior to Columbus, the population of the Americas was not ethnically diverse and the people were not inclusive. It was, sadly, very homogenous and lacked sufficient ethnic expression.

Columbus, a hero of diversity, made the way for America’s population to change from 100% indigenous to 60% European, 24% Hispanic, 14% Asian, and 13% Black.

What wonderful ethinic diversity! All of it started with Columbus’ trek across the Atlantic.

Additionally, America has had more the 39 million migrants in the last twenty years, and is currently 19% foreign-born. Leftists should be erecting statues in Columbus’ honor.