California AG says it is OK to Murder Live Born Babies

California is a state that has pushed the envelope for years on social issues. Now, in the latest news from, perhaps, the strangest corner of the planet, comes a shocking claim that the state concludes that infanticide is not a crime in the context of abortion. Yes, the stage is set for the merciless killing of live-born babies that have survived the murderous intentions of abortion doctors. This is not a slippery slope, this is a slippery nose-dive. Where will this end? One shudders to fathom how these people that are proposing this type of legislation will be dealt with by the Almighty. If there are degrees of punishment as Jesus outlined, then the Attorney General and those of his ilk are going to be welcomed into Hell’s basement, or possibly, into the attic, as heat rises!

Assistant Attorney General of California Johnette Jauron

Much of this was made public at a hearing where final statements were issued against David Daleiden of Center for Medical Progress project and Sandra Merritt a journalist. They are charged with 14 felony counts of taping confidential conversations without consent that exposed Planned Parenthood as trafficking in aborted baby body parts. In God’s providence, this truth is coming to light. Despite all the intricacies of a legal mumbo jumbo debate in the courts, this is clearly a moral issue. The Bible is clear about the case for life. It begins at conception where personhood begins. The Bible teaches that the one conceived is a full person, spoken of with all the faculties of a live-born child. To kill an unborn baby is the same as killing a live-born child.

As a theological question and an ethics matter, the defendants, in this case, stand on the side of truth. God as our Creator is the only one that can assign and reveal our constitutional composition. We are all of us created in the image and likeness of God the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Evolution is a lie. It is this senseless re-defining of human life as a process that deludes people into thinking that the scientists are right. As such, the devaluing of human life rises to incredible heights. By this reasoning, we ought to be killing five-year-olds because they are not yet six, just as we are killing unborn infants because they are not yet out of their mother’s sheltering womb. The legal definition of personhood changes constantly due to the verbal conjuring of lawyers, doctors, and particularly scientists. However, biblically and theologically, God’s estimate stands for all time.

At the bar of history, scientists who have had their say and deceived many by their testimony, shall answer to God on the Day of Judgment. God says He will avenge. It is our job as Christians to defend the rights of the unborn, many of which Christ will raise on the Last Day for they are His little lambs, written in His book of life from before the foundation of the world. As for abortion doctors that have sworn to “First, Do No Harm,” apparently are performing their duties with a new oath: “First, Do all the harm that you can – especially to unwanted children for the sake of convenience.” God have mercy on us all.