Republicans Draft Bill to Require Reporting of Babies Who Survive Botched Abortions

A bill sponsored by Senators Joni Ernst of Iowa and Tom Cotton of Arkansas will require abortion clinics to report when babie survive botched abortions, and a report of how the child later died or survived.

The bill is called The Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act of 2019 and it would require states to report children who survive attempted abortion-homicides and then would make that info available publicly, according to National Review. A similar House bill was introduced in June.

According to that publication, “only a few states have strict laws on the books requiring abortion providers to report cases of infants being delivered alive after a failed abortion attempt. Abortion-advocacy organizations often insist that laws regulating the treatment of newborns after attempted abortion are unnecessary because these cases never occur. In fact, in the states that mandate reporting of such instances, records show that there have been dozens of these cases in the past few years alone.”

Senator Cotton said, “The American people deserve to know how many babies are born alive during abortion attempts in our country. This is life-or-death information, yet most states don’t collect it. Our bill would require states to report accurate and complete data about abortion, including instances where babies are born alive during abortions.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), according to LifeSite News, “acknowledges that it only collects abortion data voluntarily submitted by states, whose reporting requirements (if they have any) vary significantly. California, Maryland, and New Hampshire – three states that are populous as well as relatively abortion-friendly – submit no data whatsoever, further limiting the public’s and policymakers’ understanding of just how common late-term abortions and abortion complications really are.”