The ‘Gospel’ Coalition Compares Christian Trump Supporters to Nazi Sympathizers

In its latest propaganda piece meant to benefit the Democratic Party in the 2020 elections, The Gospel Coalition compared the Trump Administration to the Nazi regime and urged evangelicals to set aside their political affiliations.

Yes. They actually made the Nazi comparison.

As Christians are repeatedly being warned, The Gospel Coalition is not a religious organization. It is a political organization, funded by Democratic dark money, that masquerades as a Christian organization in order to sway the evangelical vote to the left. Largely, it is funded by shell organizations laundering money to it by Democratic financiers, George Soros and James Riady.

In the Democratic propaganda, entitled Evangelicals and the Allure of Power: Anticipating 2020, Courtlandt Perkins warned believers not be associated with the Trump Administration.

Courtlandt Perkins is an African American Democrat from Wake Forrest, North Carolina, working for the Kingdom Diversity program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. That program serves to funnel liberals and leftists into the SBC in the name of Affirmative Action and diversity.

On Twitter, Perkins is on record hoping that the election of Trump, should he win, destroy the GOP.

And now, this Democrat writes for The Gospel Coalition making the Trump-Nazi comparison.

The Democrat begins…

A glaring fault line among evangelicals has opened up over whether Christians should support Donald Trump. This divide is raising larger questions: How should evangelicals relate to political power? How can they maintain a prophetic voice? When do they lose their holy distinction and become just another interest group?

The Democrat then slips into his article an insinuation that voting for Trump would be a ‘moral compromise’…

But political power is not the power of the gospel. It’s not necessarily the power of God. God always accomplishes his will, and he doesn’t need Christians to morally compromise themselves to do so.

Then, Democrat author compares Christians who support Trump to Christians who support Nazis.

Nazi Germany is a classic example of the consequences of wedding the church too closely to political regimes. After losing in World War I, Christians in Germany were burdened and anxious due to various political, economic, and social changes. So the Nazi political party in the 1930s sought to soothe the Germans’ political angst. Many Christians were persuaded into linking arms with the power of the Nazis, especially given their claim to uphold “positive Christianity.”…These German Christians tried to bring about kingdom goals through earthly political power—and they wound up morally compromising in horrific ways.

When we try to plug the kingdom into an earthly political outlet, it doesn’t work. It might even explode.

Propaganda, anyone? The Gospel Coalition is not a religious organization. It is a political organization, rented by Soros and Riady to change the way evangelicals vote. Wake up.

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