Kyle J. Howard Angry that Black Family Forgave White Woman

Liberals are outraged that a man forgave his brother’s murderer, and that the two were able to reconcile with a hug in the courtroom.

The news from yesterday has most of us wiping a tear from our eye. After entering the wrong apartment and shooting an innocent man, Amber Guyger was found guilty and sentenced to ten years in prison. Surprisingly, the victim’s brother took to the stand to forgive the perpetrator, tell her to come to Christ and asked to give her a hug. She ran toward him in an emotional embrace and they hugged in tears, as forgiveness was given and received.

You can read about that story at A Stunning Display of True Gospel Reconciliation for the World to See. Or, watch the video below.

However, liberals just aren’t happy.

An Atlanta “racial trauma counselor” (by all appearances this appears to be a fabricated career), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary student, and good friend of Beth Moore, Kyle J. Howard used the opportunity to make this beautiful gospel moment about race.

And somehow, he made the story about Donald Trump (apparently all black people think the same politically, according to Howard).

After announcing a vacation from Twitter because of the negative feedback, Howard was back in a few hours, keeping it up. He again stayed on the topic this morning.

Ironically, atheist websites showed more compassion and kindness toward the religious scene in the courtroom.

Hemant Mehta of The Friendly Athiest described it as a “powerful scene” and asserted the victim’s rights to offer forgiveness and a hug, only taking issue with the judge giving the convict a Bible.

Atheists, it seems, appreciate the Christian sentiments of forgiveness and closure more than Critical Race Theorists like Kyle J. Howard.

By the way, Howard is at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s “Caring Well” conference with Russell Moore today.

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