‘Islam Is RIGHT About Women’ Posters Cause Mass Confusion

A prankster in Winchester, Massachusetts has left signs around the town with the inflammatory message: “Islam Is RIGHT About Women.” Town residents and reporters are unsure what to make of the signs, but they seem to agree on one thing: It’s hateful.

The signs could be taken as promoting traditional Islamic views on the legal and cultural status of women. If this is so, then the message would be deeply offensive to leftists and multiculturalists, who want to have their cake and eat it too. “All cultures are equal, but men and women are equal.” The multiculturalists do not want to see the contradiction.

The more likely interpretation is that these signs are satire—4D-chess, even. The prankster is simply daring his readers to think about the contradictions within leftism and multiculturalism. Traditional Islamic views on women are incompatible with modern feminism. The signs put readers on the spot: Judge one view as right, if you must. But then the other is wrong.

Postmodern subjectivists can agree on only one thing: No one should force them to face the law of non-contradiction; that’s hateful.