Man Who Worships Pasta Provides City Invocation in Alaska

[Homer, Alaska] A Pastafarian high priest just opened an Alaska city council meeting in prayer. Wearing a colander on his head, the pasta priest offered the opening prayer on behalf of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to a municipal meeting in Alaska, the latest blessing from a nontraditional church since a court ruling opened up the religious practice to those who desire to profane and blaspheme religion.

A “Pastafarian” is someone who worships the “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” The blasphemous anti-religion was founded in 2005 to protest the Kansas Board of Education allowing creationism to be taught in public schools. Since then, those who claim to have a pasta-centered religion show up to mock those with deeply held religious beliefs.

Ironically enough, that which started as an “anti-religion” has actually become a real religion. Its followers craft images of the Flying Spaghetti Monster faithfully, and post them prominently to be revered. The religion now boasts basic tenets, holidays, and a belief in the afterlife.

That which was invented to become satire has become reality, and even mocking idolatry can become the real thing. And now, these religious followers show up to events that must, by law, be open to all religions and demand to take part.

Barrett Fletcher, the Pastafarian pastor in Alaska, said that the members of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly in his Tuesday message “seem to feel they can’t do the work without being overseen by a higher authority, ” as reported to a local news outlet, KSRM yesterday.

The pasta pastor said…

“So, I’m called to invoke the power of the true inebriated creator of the universe, the drunken tolerator (sic) of the all lesser and more recent gods, and maintainer of gravity here on earth. May the great Flying Spaghetti Monster rouse himself from his stupor and let his noodly appendages ground each assembly member in their seats.”

According to the Associated Press, the only people who stood for the prayer were those without seats. One man turned his back to face the wall during the prayer, and other men did not remove their hats.

There is a lesson to learn. A nation or municipality that is pluralistic cannot help but provide opportunities for men like this to blaspheme God. Perhaps we should all embrace the Christian identity of our nation and esteem King Jesus in his rightful place.