Pro-Abortion Vandal Defaces Baby On Billboard

What kind of person does this?

A pro-life billboard in Chicago has been defaced in the dumbest possible way. The headline from LifeSiteNews summarizes it: “Pro-abortion vandals spray-paint pro-life billboard, make message even more powerful.”

Try for a moment to put yourself in the mind of someone who would spray paint “My body, my choice” over the picture of a beautiful baby’s face. The sign now makes an even bolder pro-life statement than it did before. It reveals the heart of the kind of person who would deface a baby.

There is a gruesome irony: You could hardly find a better way to expose the lie of “my body, my choice” than to spray paint it over something that is obviously the body of a unique, living human being.

Those who are most extreme in calling for the murder of the unborn often make themselves the unwitting allies of the pro-life movement. They show the nature of abortion and make it hard to look away.

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