American Hospital Made ‘Comfort Rooms’ to Abandon Abortion-Surviving Babies Until They Die

What do you do with a baby that survives an abortion? In Illinois, a hospital made a “comfort room” to place the baby in. They then close the door, leaving the baby in the room without care, where they eventually die.

According to nurse, Jill Stanek, who testified at a hearing on the Born Alive Act in Washington, D.C., “Christ Hospital” in Oak Lawn, Illinois dedicated a room to place babies where people couldn’t hear their screams as they died without medical treatment.

Stanek testified that she observed doctors performing partial-birth abortions (where babies are pulled half-way out before being executed) but that sometimes they would provide the procedure. Then, they needed a place to die.

According to Stanek, the babies would often live as long as two hours.

The “comfort” part of the so-called “comfort room” is that the baby would sometimes be given in a blanket before left alone to die. Occasionally, parents would want to visit their aborted offspring before leaving the baby in the room to perish.

Stanek explained that the staff would sometimes hold the baby, but if they did not have the time or resources to embrace the baby until it died, they would put it in the “comfort room.” The comfort room was also a staging ground for morbid photographs, in case parents wanted a picture of their child before leaving it to die.

Stanek said, “Before the comfort room, babies were taken to the Soiled Utility Room to die” on a shelf, along with biohazard waste.

We hope these people repent and are saved from their sins. If not, we hope that “Comfort Room” is written over the door of hell.

[Editor’s Note: HT Daily Caller]