Clinical Study Confirms People Are Not Biologically “Born Gay”

A new clinical study has been published, indicating that no one is biologically “born gay.” This, of course, makes sense. If people were born with genetic coding to practice homosexuality, that genetic code would soon be erased from human DNA because it would not be passed along to subsequent generations (because homosexuality isn’t procreative). Unsurprisingly, science confirms this.

The study was recently published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) journal, Science. Undoing decades of pseudo-science presumption, the study demonstrates that “it will be basically impossible to predict one’s sexual activity or orientation just from genetics.”  

In other words, there is no “gay gene.” It simply does not exist. No one, scientifically speaking, is born gay. You can see the study here.

For several decades, the prevalence of homosexuality among siblings and in certain families has led sociologists to presume – without any scientific backing – that homosexuality must, therefore, be genetic. This in-depth study demonstrates that it is rather environmentally-influenced and not genetically-influenced. In other words, homosexuality is the product of nurture, not nature.

The study claims that “For the first time, new large-scale datasets afford sufficient statistical power to identify genetic variants associated with same-sex sexual behavior (ever versus never had a same-sex partner), estimate the proportion of variation in the trait accounted for by all variants in aggregate, estimate the genetic correlation of same-sex sexual behavior with other traits, and probe the biology and complexity of the trait. To these ends, we performed genome-wide association discovery analyses on 477,522 individuals from the United Kingdom and United States, replication analyses in 15,142 individuals from the United States and Sweden, and follow-up analyses using different aspects of sexual preference.”

That is a huge statistical sample.

Their findings demonstrate that the genetic propensity for same-sex behavior is not much different from that of 28 other complex traits or behaviors, and is related to a propensity for other risk-taking behavior such as smoking, drug use, number of sex partners or a general openness to new experiences.

However, the LGBTQ have claimed that same-sex activity does not reflect upbringing or lifestyle, but is an inborn difference that is discovered, not developed, and is a pre-determined part of a person’s biological nature that is unchangeable.

Obergefell v. Hodges, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that sanctioned so-called “gay marriage,” made their ruling, in part, because of the claim that homosexuality was biologically innate to certain individuals, and therefore to prohibit their marriage, was discriminatory. It turns out, that was junk science.


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