Interview with Judd Saul of ‘Enemies Within the Church’

Judd Saul (left), JD Hall (right)

JD recently took time to talk with Judd Saul, the director for the upcoming Enemies Within the Church documentary.

Enemies Within the Church is focusing on the advance of Marxism inside evangelical institutions and churches through groups like The Gospel Coalition and other parachurch ministries. You can watch a trailer below.

JD discussed with Saul the purpose of the documentary, why it includes the people it includes, and why it takes the very unique approach it takes to uncover the danger posed to Christendom.

Enemies Within the Church has a conference on October 17 & 18 which will include both JD and Saul, along with Steve Deace, Janet Mefferd, and others.

This is a great conversation to listen to, and you can see their perspective on what this documentary will accomplish and why they’re participating.

The audio is provided exclusively to Patreon supporters of Pulpit & Pen. You can subscribe here and have immediate access to the conversation.

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