Liberals Say Feces Can’t Be Cleaned Off Sidewalks Because “Water Hoses Are Racist”

Police use a firehose on unruly demonstrators during the 1964 race ritos.

Seattle has a homeless problem, and those homeless people leave behind mounds of human feces. However, Seattle city officials are against power-washers cleansing the sidewalks because they “bring back images of hoses being used against civil rights activists.”

King County Superior Court judges Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers asked the county to clean up the piles of feces around the courthouse because, even though the city can’t run off vagrants under their lax municipal laws, it would send the message that the area was cared for and regularly watched.

A nearby homeless shelter keeps the transient roaming around the area, defecating wherever they have the need.

Larry Gossett

However, a City Councilman named Larry Gossett said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it “brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists,” this according to the Seattle Times.

Gossett thought that the notion of city workers using hoses to clean up excrement would bring back a painful collective memory of when police used firehoses to dispel race riots during the 1960s.

Gosset was utilizing the concept of “microaggressions,” a tenet of Critical Race Theory which holds that subtle racism can be displayed in seemingly insignificant words or acts that are only perceptible to members of oppressed minority groups.

In the meantime, people in Seattle would like to go to the courthouse without stepping in human feces.

Although Snopes tried to claim this story from the Seattle Times was false, the only part they could dispute is that Seattle wouldn’t clean up feces in deference to Councilman Gossett. In reality, the city administrator promised in the above-mentioned meeting to do a better job cleaning up the feces despite his racial concerns.

However, liberals across the country really are turning America’s cities into public outdoor toilets.

According to Fox5, San Francisco is trying unsuccessfully to fight its “poop crisis.” That city has a six-person “poop patrol team” (each employee makes more than 70 thousand per year in exchange for picking up human excrement full time.)

Just last week the Wall Street Journal wrote about California’s “Defecation Crisis,” as its Democrat-controlled cities are unable to ensure the type of law and order that keep people in bathrooms when they’re ‘going potty.’

According to LAist, Los Angeles has been trying to figure out what to do about human poop flooding the streets. Its City Council Poverty and Homelessness Committee reminded the City Council a few weeks ago of a 2007 ruling from leftist judges that the city could only keep people from sleeping, sitting, or pooping on sidewalks “in limited cases,” meaning they couldn’t prevent the defecation problem without mistreating the poor.

And according to KOMO News only a few weeks ago, Seattle is still fighting the human poop problem, and theirs is as bad as San Francisco’s.

These stories should serve as a metaphor for what happens when liberals take control.

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