Methodist University Hires MUSLIM Chaplain

Shenandoah University, a Methodist school, believes that Christianity and Islam are equal in nature and that both religions will help students’ spiritual development. So, the college – located in Winchester, Virginia – posted

Located in Winchester, Va., Shenandoah University has hired a Muslim as a chaplain to minister to student needs. The school is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.

As John Ellis writes at PJ Media, “it requires a level of hubris to take the tithes of Methodists and claim to use those tithes to form and send ‘leaders for tomorrow’s church’ all while showing utter contempt for the Christianity they claim to believe.”

The press release from Shenandoah University says of its new Muslim chaplain, Hanaa Unus…

Unus will work with both Muslim and non-Muslim students to address their spiritual care and needs, creating a safe and understanding space where they can practice their faith and discuss their concerns. She will work with Rev. Dr. Allen and the Office of Spiritual Life on education through interfaith programs.