Banned on Amazon: Christian Gay Conversion Books Continue to Disappear

(Joe Dallas) On July 8 my publisher informed me that my book Desires in Conflict, along with a number of other books on overcoming homosexuality by different authors, has been pulled off the Amazon.com catalogue. A gay activist worked for months to convince Amazon to take this action and, bolstered by 80,000 signatures on a petition, his wish was granted. (See here)

Before venting, I’ll admit to some admiration for any guy who gets 80,000 people to support a cause, then persuades a corporate giant like Amazon to seal the deal. Regardless, the purge is on, and only the most naïve will expect it to stop with us.

Folks like me who profess that homosexuality need not be a life sentence will be among the first to feel the ax of cultural banishment, that Yellow Star imposed before the horror really kicks off. Look for more of our books to be burned and for more of us to be muzzled.

But don’t kid yourself into thinking the mob will stop there. Heck, we’re just the appetizer.

The California State Assembly and Senate will soon vote on, and probably pass, a resolution advising pastors throughout the State how they should address homosexuality. Bans against counseling teenagers who may want to “go straight” carry the force of law in 18 states as of this writing. A Canadian father who refused to call his transgender daughter by the male name she prefers was found guilty of “family violence” and threatened with arrest.

Given the direction the winds are blowing, and assuming they stay the course, it’s certain that anyone publicly expressing the traditional definition of marriage and gender (be he pastor or laity) will eventually find his expressions banned, his livelihood threatened, and his safety uncertain.

Because We Said So!

Paranoia? I don’t think the journalist assaulted by Antifa thugs in Oregon a few weeks ago would agree.Nor would police officers threatened or assaulted by BLM protestors. (See here and here.) Nor, for that matter, that heartbroken Canadian father ripped away from his daughter for calling her his daughter. The Hard Left is hungry for the red meat of anyone who challenges it.

In these mad times, those who do get labeled racist, homophobic, or fascist for no cause other than “We Said So!” then punished by any means necessary for crimes not committed, only presumed.

And what crimes are the authors banned by Amazon presumed guilty of? Amazon itself hasn’t been clear, but no doubt the spreading belief that books branded as “Conversion Therapy” tools (meaning they help same-sex strugglers navigate the rocky sanctification path commended by the Bible) are somehow dangerous, causing homosexual people to hate themselves, and inflicting psychological damage upon them.

The charge is assumed to be true, not because it’s been proven, but because it’s been repeated. Often, and loudly, and with great style.

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[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Joe Dallas. It originally appeared at JoeDallas.com, title and image changed.]