Roy Moore’s Courageous Words About Transgenderism

Judge Roy Moore (left) and Klinger from Mash (right)

When Roy Moore’s reputation was tarnished during the 2018 election in the same way as Brett Kavanaugh’s—with liars for hire—it made the headlines. When Moore’s reputation was slowly vindicated as bit-by-bit of the false narrative was unpacked, it barely made the back page of the papers.

Nonetheless, the authentic Christian hero, Judge Roy Moore, is speaking truth on transgenderism even though he’s again running for public office. The man seems legitimately unafraid of the consequences for his Christian bluntness, and perhaps it’s because—thanks to the Republican establishment who think’s he’s too far right and the Democratic establishment who were willing to lie about his character—he has nothing to lose.

In an appearance at a DeKalb County political meeting, Moore spoke truth regarding the (literal) insanity of ‘transgenderism’ and its making the headlines for bigotry (read that: truthful bluntness).

At the DeKalb County Republican Breakfast Club in Fort Payne, Moore was asked his position on Civil Unions in place of gay marriage. Most Republicans would defend gay marriage as a reality of legal precedent and move along to other topics. Most others would stop at Civil Unions, and consider the practice a fair compromise.

Real Christians, however, don’t compromise.

Moore said, “Civil unions—I would have been against civil unions. I think people want to live together, fine, if two people want to live together and do what they want to do in private. I don’t think we should recognize it if it deals with sodomy. Sodomy used to be against our laws. I can’t support sodomy. I can’t support it. If a Christian supports sodomy, I wonder what the reason would be.

He then continued on to the subject of transgenderism…

You know, the LGBTQ-VRSTUV, I don’t know what it is – LGBTQ, when they first came out, I said, ‘Transgender? Never. That’s dumb. We’d never have that. Do you know what transgender is? That’s not Biblical. If that’s Biblical – God created man and woman. And when men want to be women? I was watching ‘M*A*S*H’ the other day – talking about Korea, Vietnam. I was watching ‘M*A*S*H,’ talking about what’s his name – Klinger. He wanted to get out of the Army because they didn’t accept transgender. Now, I guess he would get a promotion.

Moore continued…

“Ask your next politician that comes before you, where do you stand on LGBT rights. You know LGBT rights aren’t given to us by God. They’re created by man. I could go into the judicial philosophy on that, but I won’t. Ask them. I haven’t heard anybody talk against it. In fact, I’ve heard quite a few that I would have thought better of talk for it. I don’t see a right in our Constitution for a man to be a woman. If it was there, why wouldn’t it come up earlier? I don’t see a right.”

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