“Revoice” Co-Founder Says Test Confirms His Brain is “Part Female”

Preston Sprinkles, Sparkles, Skittles something-or-other

Preston Sprinkle (his last name is real; it just sounds like a gay exotic dancer stage name by coincidence) is a co-founder of the pro-LGBTQ Revoice conference promoted by several Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) leaders. Last week, Sprinkle confirmed that an online test says he has a “female brain.”

In a post entitled Sex, Gender, and Transgender Experiences: Part 4—Brain Sex Theory, Sprinkle explains his opinion that men can have “female brains” and women can have “male brains.” Of course, this is an idea that contradicts the Bible (Genesis 5:2) and has no scientific substantiation in human biology. Nonetheless, the concept of gender not aligning with biology is important for sodomites and perverts like Preston Sparkles who serve the purpose of undermining Biblical sexuality.

Skittles wrote, “I recently took a test to see whether I had a male or female brain. The test consisted of 30 different questions with multiple choice answers, such as, ‘What was the last thing that made you cry?'”

The test asked other questions as well, like what kind of food appeals the most, what someone looks for when buying a pair of jeans, and other trivial matters that seem designed to detect manliness or sissyness.

The test revolves around “Brain Sex Theory” and Sparkles says…

The brain-sex theory says that one’s brain might have its own sex or gender, which in most humans is aligned with their biological sex, but in some people is misaligned. Some people, for instance, might be biologically male but have a female brain (or vice versa).

Sprinkle’s post is meant to convey the supposedly complicated nature of gender identity, and leans upon neuroscience, sociology, and basically anything and everything but the Bible to formulate an opinion on ‘transgenderism.’

In the end, Sprinkle says that his test revealed that he was 61% male and 39% female. He says the test disappointed him, one presumes because it’s more male than he prefers.

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