Victoria’s Secret Hires a Man to Model Women’s Lingerie

Gross. The women’s lingerie retailer has hired a man to model its female garments.

Hiring its first “transgender” (nobody can transition their gender, so that’s not really a thing) model, Victoria’s Secret is paying “Valentina” Sampaio to strut his stuff down the runway in women’s underwear.

Mr. Sampaio took on the identity of a woman with the permission of his doctor and parents at the age of eight, who together – contrary to medical science – abused the poor child by letting him live as a girl. His feminine features are in part due to life-long hormonal treatment that has been suppressing his manhood, along with surgery.

Mr. Sampaio refuses to identify his real name that corresponds with his actual, real gender.

Sampaio is 22-years-old and began his career in São Paulo. Previously, he has worked for L’Oréal Paris, Balmain, and Vogue. He has also appeared on the magazine covers of Elle Mexico and Brazil and in the pages of Vanity Fair Italy and Marie Claire Brazil. Sampaio has modeled for brands like Philipp Plein, Moschino, and Pollini, among others.

In spite of lifelong chemical treatments, castration, and plastic surgery, Sampaio’s gangly and rigid bone structure still reveals the real man that he is beneath the makeup.

In the meantime, real feminists should be upset that a man has come along and stolen a job that, as women, they were naturally suited for.

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