Southern Baptist Blog Says, “Trump is Racist” And You Should Not Vote for Him

A blog operated by an ERLC Leadership Council Member posted an article today claiming – matter-of-factly – that Donald Trump is a “racist” “and if we vote for him, “is something you will have to live with the rest of your life.” It was precisely because of this alt-left activism that the ERLC chose Dave Miller to serve on its Leadership Council, and he is doing their dirty work.

The blog post at SBC Voices, which is typically only read when linked by Pulpit & Pen, made claims about President Trump which were to be taken as established fact. The author, Erich Bridges – a Caucasian evangelical who apparently needs do this sort of public penance to receive absolution for his whiteness – made claim after claim that sounded as though it came directly from the mouth of Rachel Maddow or the Young Turks.

Dave Miller, who operates SBC Voices, is – as stated above – on the ERLC Leadership Council.

The post, which amounts to a political advertisement for the Democratic Party, was written by Erich Bridges.

You might know who Bridges is, but he’s also a writer for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (surprise, surprise).

Bridges’ claims of Trump’s totes for sure racism include, “evidence…is overwhelming,” “beyond reasonable doubt,” and “blatant racism.” One would think, from Bridge’s article at SBC Voices, that Trump was had come out and admitted to being a White Supremacist, but actually, that was Southern Baptist Theological Seminary provost, Matthew Hall.

How does Bridges know Trump is a racist? Well thankfully, Bridges gives examples of Trump’s “blatant racism.”

These examples include Trump claiming Obama wasn’t born in America (which had nothing to do with race, but nationality), Trump said that many migrants crossing the border were criminals (which is absolutely, irrefutably true), or that some taking part in the Charlottesville protests were fine people (I think it’s kind of bigoted not to assume that, given reality).

Bridges also claimed for evidence Trump’s tweets about Baltimore being “rat-infested” (it literally is a criminal cesspool and statistically is near Third-World-level bad), and Trump telling four congresswomen who hate America to go back to where they came from (if prejudiced, that would be xenophobic, not racist). Bridges went on to say that calling these congresswomen “socialist” is some kind of secret codeword of racism (they’re actual socialists, though).

The ERLC contributor said that he “used to be a Republican until Trump hijacked the party with his hatred and fearmongering.”

The liberal Mainstream Media tramp out these fake conservatives all day long to make wild, unsubstantiated accusations of racism every time Trump criticizes a person of color (even though his criticism has nothing to do with their color). It should not surprise us that a two-bit blog would try to copy the talking points of MSNBC. But what should shock us is that this is being done by an ERLC contributor on a blog run by an ERLC Leadership Council Member, as a part of a coordinated effort by the Democrat who runs the ERLC to drive Southern Baptists to the political left.

Southern Baptists need to stop putting money in the offering plate until their churches stop sending money to the Cooperative Program, which supports the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.