ERLC “Social Issues” Sunday Bulletin Insert Focuses on…Artificial Intelligence?

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention is providing bulletin inserts for churches designed for “Social Issues” Sunday. This year, the grave and dangerous social issue the ERLC wants SBC churches to focus upon is…artificial intelligence.

We kid you not.

We’re heading into an election year and Southern Baptists could use some focus on important social issues. State after state (with no thanks to and no participation from the ERLC) has been passing ground-breaking anti-abortion legislation. Transgenderism is a hot-button issue in almost every corner of the United States.

So, with drag queen storytimes down at virtually every public library in America, the ERLC is focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). We wrote about this colossal waste of Southern Baptist money and Russell Moore’s refusal to talk about issues that really matter in the post Absent from Abortion Fight, Focusing on Aliens and Tech Conspiracy Theories.

Moore and the ERLC have been focusing on space aliens, AI, virtual reality, and “deep fakes.” And apparently, that’s the social issue they want your church to focus on this year, as opposed to transgenderism, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, or illegal immigration.

You can see a screenshot of the pdf bulletin insert below.

How many Southern Baptist pastors feel that Artificial Intelligence is a compelling and urgent ethical matter facing us?

Sorry, we can’t hear you over the sounds of abortion vacuums.