Democrats’ “Equality Act” Will Duplicate Canada’s Brazilian Wax Horror Show in America

Nancy Pelosi (left), Jonathan Yaniv (right)

A bizarre news story from Canada about Brazilian waxing reveals the nightmare facing America if the Democrat Party’s so-called “Equality Act” becomes law south of the maple syrup capital of the world.

The Internet has been abuzz this week with headlines about Jonathan Yaniv, a man from Canada who believes he is a woman, who has sued not one, but sixteen beauticians for refusing to give his male genitals a waxing procedure designed for female genitalia. It was there – in the Brazilian wax salon – that “gender identity” met biological reality, and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has had their hands full trying to figure out what to do with the disparity between the two.

Back in May, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Equality Act. The bill passed the House by a margin of 236 to 173, which had unanimous support from Democrats (led by House speaker, Nancy Pelosi) and 8 votes from Republicans. The legislation was designed, in part, to let high school athletes compete under whatever gender they choose.

Essentially, the Equality Act amends the 1964 Civil Rights Act so that “gender identity” is protected as a status the same as race and religion. Florida Representative Greg Steube introduced an amendment to the bill that would preserve Title IX’s protections for female sports teams, but it was rejected by the Democratic caucus.

This bill, should it become law by being passed by the Senate and signed by the president, would be the very act of legislation that would allow people who think they are ‘transgender’ – like Jonathan Yaniv – to sue businesses for not waxing his genitals.

Whereas things like ethnicity or disability, and to a similar but not identical extent, religion, are a part of an immutable aspect of one’s essence and verified by objective reality (even religion can be verified by attendance at an organized worship gathering or participation in rites and rituals), “gender identity” is an absolutely subjective category that cannot be empirically verified. It is, in almost every way, an impossible rubric to define legitimate discrimination.

Believers should be praying for the defeat of the Democratic Party and a rejection of their radicalized agenda for America.