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Atlanta Mayor Hosts Drag Queen Story Hour in City Hall

The Mayor in Atlanta says drag queens are “always welcome” at city hall.

For all those following that heinous assault on innocence known as drag queen story hour, here is some heartening news: a library in Fulton County, Georgia recently called off such an event. Now for the heart-sickening news: Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms invited the slighted drag queen, Steven Igarashi-Ball (who performs under the deluded title “Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker”) to conduct drag-queen story hour at city hall. The event “for all ages” took place a couple weeks ago and featured snacks and face painting to accompany the sexual preying and perversion grooming. 

However did such a despicable turn of events come to be? Not too surprisingly, it all began with a victimized hissy-fit. 

How Bullies and Bigots Advance

When drag-queen Igrashi-Ball’s event was canceled at Foulton library, he took to Facebook with demands to know his “attackers” and grant them no quarter:

“If they’re going to censor my event, what event would be next? I feel like libraries have to be safe spaces and bastions of freedom of speech, and I feel like this goes against all of that. I have a right to know who has an issue with the event, and no one has brought that to my attention. . . if our program and myself (are) under attack, I would have a right to know who my attackers were.” 

“By not being provided an answer, it feels like discrimination and it feels like people are afraid of the event, which feels like homophobia.”

Away down in city hall, Igrashi-Ball’s howls did not fall upon deaf ears. Mayor Lance Bottoms issued a tweet;

“Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker and all our LGBTQ friends are always welcome at Atlanta City Hall. How about we host your next story hour? @CityofAtlanta-let’s make it happen!”

Meanwhile, the mentally ill cross-dresser found a way to informally host a drag queen story hour at the Fulton County library after all. The event was sold out and local Alpharetta Mayor Pro-Tem Donald Mitchell attended to show his affirmation.

Perversion in High Places

By the scheduled day of Ingrashi-Ball’s perversion indoctrination at city hall, two of Atlanta’s professional sports teams-the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Falcons-had signed on to sponsor the event. In fact, the Atlanta Hawks sent their mascot, “Harry the Hawk,” sporting rainbow plumage to attend the event.

Meanwhile, a group of dissenters protested outside. Mayor Lance Bottom received these communications:

“I usually have your back, mayor, but there’s no way I can get behind this mess. Kids have enough to be confused about without you adding this to their plate. #doingtoomuch.”

“I do not know which is worse: that a city office would host the mentally ill or that parents would subject their children to a man in a dress while pretending that it is a ‘brave thing.”

“Why keep promoting homosexuality when it goes against the morals of God? What is this world coming to?” 

A nation’s government has the primary duty to keep citizens safe from enemies abroad and anarchists and predators within. When the civil magistrate hosts a party for dangerous men to prey on its most defenseless citizens, we should all ask, along with those outraged in Atlanta: What kind of Sodom and Gomorrah has this wicked nation become?

“Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter, and they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have relations with them” (Genesis 19:4-5).