Southern Baptist Pastor Compares Current Treatment of Women to Past Treatment of Slaves

[Capstone Report] A prominent Southern Baptist pastor attacked the Patriarchy, err the biblical practice of men preaching, in a fiery tweet likening the oppression of African Americans by whites to the suppression of women in Southern Baptist churches today. The explosive charge against biblically-minded Southern Baptist leaders was made Sunday evening.

“The same spirit that drove the oppression of African Americans also, drove and drives the suppression of women exercising their full complement of spiritual gifts beyond biblical parameters. The Bible was & is being used & abused to support racism & the suppression of women gifts,” tweeted Dwight McKissic.

McKissic voted for Hillary Clinton—the pro-abortion and anti-Christian candidate in the 2016 election. McKissic also played the race card in defending progressive Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty head Russell Moore. As one political commentator and professor noted at the time, McKissic “racialized” the defense of Dr. Moore.

McKissic’s tweet was in response to a Bucknell University professor’s tweet pointing out the president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’s citation of Southern Baptist Greek scholar A. T. Robertson, himself the son of a slaveowner and white supremacist.

The professor tweeted, “@DennyBurk, prez of @CBMWorg, just shared a short criticism of women preaching by early 20th c. Southern Baptist A. T. Robertson. Burk calls Robertson “one of the greatest scholars of New Testament Greek” ever. But Robertson was also a white supremacist.” You can check out the entire thread for more information on A.T. Robertson.

The article tweeted by Denny Burk that drew criticism from the Bucknell professor is available here.

This is the latest attack on Southern Baptist leaders over the issue of women preaching. Over the last two months, the Southern Baptist Convention was roiled over the preaching of Beth Moore and other odd statements made as Beth Moore appeared to endorse women preaching and attacked conservatives in the Southern Baptist Convention for the “sin” involved in the Conservative Resurgence—the revival of the SBC to conservative, biblical foundations.

There is a growing Intersectional front uniting many Woke elements of the Southern Baptist Convention with egalitarians—those who favor women preachers.

So, what do you think? Do you think the Southern Baptist commitment to men preaching is the suppression of women? Do you think how Southern Baptist churches treat women is equivalent to how black Americans were treated in the past?

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by and first published at Capstone Report]