Reformed Baptist Minister Gets 24 Years for Child Abuse

Reformed Baptist minister, Tom Chantry (son of renown theologian, Walter Chantry) just received 24 years for child abuse.

Some took to social media over the weekend, including Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend, and claimed that the Reformed discernment community has been silent regarding Chantry’s conviction, which has brought a black eye to the Association of Reformed Baptists of America (ARBCA). Apparently awakening to the controversy only a few days ago after it was written about at Wartburg Watch, Howse was unaware that Pulpit & Pen has written about the horrible ordeal in previous posts including Reformed Baptist Minister, Tom Chantry, Guilty on 4 Counts of Child Abuse, The Billy Graham Rule: Millard Fuller, Clayton Jennings, Tom Chantry and Common Sense, and After Alleged Mishandling of Molestation Scandal, ARBCA is Hurting.

It is the responsibility of every faith community to accurately report their own scandals and take ownership of failures to address them adequately.

Tom Chantry, as we wrote about on May 9, was convicted on four counts of child abuse in addition to other charges on separate counts.

We wrote at the time…

The Association of Reformed Baptist Church of America (ARBCA) has taken a beating over this. Essentially, ARBCA knew of some shadiness regarding Chantry, but did not properly contact authorities many years ago. And then, more recently, ARBCA leadership approved his church’s entrance into the denomination, even though they were aware of past behavior. When asking around privately, those affiliated with ARBCA have told Pulpit & Pen that they knew there was a criminal investigation into Chantry, but they felt pressure from Chantry’s supporters to let his church enter ARBCA. ARBCA leaders have claimed that if they declined his membership, he would ask why and they might inadvertently obstruct justice if they told him about the investigation. 

We find this claim to be credible, knowing ARBCA leadership. However credible their reason, it is obviously not an excuse. There seems to be, in hindsight, a number of ways to both decline Chantry membership in ARBCA and not obstruct justice. This is on top of an initial investigatory committee by ARBCA that was done very, very poorly.

For a fuller understanding of Chantry’s offenses, which included spanking kids for his own sadistic enjoyment, click the links provided above.

However, the most recent news is that Chantry has now been sentenced to 24 years for his crimes. The Wartburg Watch reported some of the evidence presented during the sentencing phase, which included recordings from the jail in which Chantry wished harm upon the prosecutor and judge, and seems to suffer from what they describe as extreme narcissism. Regardless of their presumptive diagnosis, it is clear that Chantry shows no repentance and takes no ownership for his actions.

According to the report, Chantry will receive credit for 400 days already served, but there will be no chance for parole. He will be 72-years-old before he is released from prison.

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