Compassion in Action: Church Sends Mission Teams to Help Texas Border Guards

In a show of Christlike compassion, a Southern Baptist megachurch is sending mission teams to the Texas-Mexican border to help show love to overwhelmed border guards who are being demonized in the media and unappreciated by our populace.

Prestonwood Baptist Church, pastored by Jack Graham, decided to send a mission team to hand out food, backpacks and other items to show their support for the officers who are regularly attacked in the press for keeping America safe from unlawful invaders.

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment” (Romans 13:1-2).

While it’s easy to characterize detainment centers as “concentration camps” (which happen to be the only concentration camps in the world that people have to cross fences to get into) many people forget that Border Patrol agents are hard-working Americans fulfilling their vows to enforce U.S. immigration law. The officers serve a vital function to protect America from a demographic that is statistically more dangerous than the average and to defend our national sovereignty. Someone should be there to minister to them.

“They were so grateful, some in tears, telling us that nobody appreciates what they do,” tweeted Mike Buster, a leader at Graham’s 42-thousand-member church.

Jack Graham, Prestonwood’s lead pastor, called the mission trip, “Operation Border Blessing.”

Before anyone gets too irate for Prestonwood Baptist Church blessing the people keeping America safe, they should be reminded that the church has also provided humanitarian relief efforts to migrants (they spent 64 thousand this year in that effort).

Sandra Ovalle (who works with the liberal organization, Sojourners, which, along with the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC runs Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table)cast aspersions on Graham and his church’s efforts to bless the Border Patrol and their families.

Ovalle said, “I would expect the same churches who are actively supporting Border Patrol agents and their families to publicly condemn the racist and sexist rhetoric used by CBP, citing their behavior as a reason we should be wary of the actions and words condoned behind closed doors.”

Ironically, Graham and Prestonwood’s own denomination, the SBC (through the ERLC), is partnering with Ovalle and Sojourners, who are attacking them for merely being kind to law enforcement.

In 2017 Graham put a hold on Prestonwood’s contributions to the SBC because of the liberal activities of the ERLC, but he undid the measure after meetings with the SBC executive board and ERLC President Russell Moore.

Remember to pray for U.S. Border Patrol. Unlike Congress, they’re just doing their job.