Horror: Gynecologist Secretly Gave Abortion Pills To Cause Miscarriage

In a horror story of modern medicine, a Mississippi gynecologist is accused of fathering children with multiple patients while slipping abortifacient drugs to another.

Dr. Walter Ray Wolfe has had his medical license suspended because the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure says he is an “immediate danger” to the community.

An order of temporary suspension was ordered due to allegations just revealed from a 2016 lawsuit in which a woman claims she was Wolfe’s patient, who he gave employment to in order to win her favor and have sexual relations with her. However, the more serious malpractice comes from allegations that when she got pregnant, he slipped her the so-called ‘abortion pill’ (during intercourse) to make her miscarry their child.

The report alleges…

“While pregnant and during sex with said patient, (Wolfe) attempted without the patient’s knowledge or consent to insert four Misoprostol (Cytotec) tablets into the patient’s vagina in an attempt to induce an abortion; however, the patient later gave birth to (Wolfe’s) child in 2016,”

In November 2018, the medical board received more reports of inappropriate sexual behavior with “multiple patients.” One of Wolfe’s physician assistants claimed to have seen Wolfe kiss a patient prior to an ultrasound, and claimed Wolfe was the father. There are multiple examples of this taking place, according to the Clarion Ledger.

Another patient complained that Wolfe made inappropriate comments right after conducting a particularly sensitive investigation.

The report reads…

“[He is] guilty of violating professional boundaries with patients, guilty of failing to maintain patient records of controlled substances prescribed, guilty of committing a physical assault on a patient with the unwanted insertion of medication into her [body]; and by virtue of said violations. . . . guilty of unprofessional conduct, which includes being guilty of dishonorable or unethical conduct likely to deceive, defraud of harm the public and guilty of prescribing drugs that have addiction-forming or addiction-sustaining liability other than in the course of legitimate professional practice.”

Perhaps Planned Parenthood is hiring.