Texas Court Forbids Dad From Raising His 7-Year-Old Son as a Boy

Jeff Younger’s seven-year-old son is (obviously) a boy. However, Younger’s estranged partner says that their son wants to be a girl, and demanded the court prevent his father from reinforcing the child’s boyhood. The court agreed and told Younger he could not refer to his seven-year-old as his son, do masculine-type things with the boy, or in any way reinforce his real gender.

Younger’s former lover, Anne Georgulas, says that the boy – whose name is James – wants to go by the name “Luna.” She is currently in the process of trying to figure out ways to get the seven-year-old hormone treatments to prevent the onset of puberty and, if possible, reassign the boy’s gender (meaning “emasculate” him).

The court even ruled that the father could not refer to his son as “James.”

The father said, “What I’m prohibited from doing right now is trying to convince him that he’s actually a boy.”

He continued, “I’m even a little trepidatious about reading the Book of Genesis as we go through our Bible readings after Pascha. So, I’ve had a lot of trouble communicating with him on religious issues and on basic things that you’d have to teach boys, issues around self-control: how they should deal with women, older women, being respectful to females of their peer group.”

Jeff said James’ confusion is due to his parents’ estrangement, not gender dysphoria.

“The court asked us to take them to social services and let the boys express their preferences,” Jeff said. “And what James said was: he wants to be a girl at his mom’s home and a boy at his dad’s home. He basically wants both his parents to love him.”

You can watch the video below.