Gun-Toting Pastor Stops Church Robbery

Pastor Brant Adams

A pistol-packing pastor in Tampa got an alert from his church’s security system and ran to the church to see the trouble. Carrying a handgun, he found the thief in the act and held the gun on him until police could arrive.

And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one. (Luke 22:36)

The Bible repeatedly commends the use of force to protect lives, liberty, and property, and this pastor is living straight out of the Bible. Thankfully for his flock, he was there with a gun.

According to Fox13News, Pastor Brant Adams was alerted to a possible break-in at the Seminole Heights Baptist Church, and he rushed to the scene…armed. It was there that he found that someone had smashed a window with a brick and was rifling through the church’s files and paperwork.

The pastor sprung into action, fearing that someone might be in need of help, not necessarily trying to steal from the church. He had found blood at the scene, where apparently the suspect had cut himself on the glass.

The suspect, Rivera.

Pastor Adams found the man holding a church laptop, but not wanting to escalate the situation, refused to get closer than ten feet to the man and called authorities. They then apprehended the suspect, whose last name is Rivera.

The pastor said, “The simple message is if you need help, ask for it. You don’t need to steal. There’s so many things that we try to do to help people. If he would’ve just come to the back door and knocked and ask for something, said, ‘I need some food.’ We would’ve given him some food.”