Brave Christian Designer Refuses to Make Gay Wedding Dress

A brave Christian designer rejected the request from a homosexual couple to make a wedding dress and instead gave them the Gospel. Now, liberals are outraged.

Couples in sodomy-based relationships go out of their way to ask Christian businesses to provide them services. In doing so, they further the stereotype of victimization that empowers them. Like slave-traders of centuries ago, these gay activists demand that people render them services and provide them labor against their will. It is a brave defense of liberty when people of faith say no.

Like slave-traders of centuries ago, these gay activists demand that people render them services and provide them labor against their will.

According to Fox2Now, Tiffany Allen and Angel Lane contact a New York-based company, D. AUXILLY, through e-mail to get some information about their dress and design services. The homosexuals said the designer, Dominique Galbraith, responded by dismissing their request and instead sharing the Gospel.

The designer said, “I wouldn’t be able to make a piece for a same-sex wedding. It goes against my faith in Christ. I believe Jesus died for our sins so that we would live for him according to His Holy Word.”

The designer continued, “I know you both love each other and that this feels right but I encourage you both to reconsider and see what the Lord has to say and the wonderful things He has in store for you both if you trust and obey Him. God Bless and be with you both!”

Of course, the contact person for D. AUXILLY overspoke, as homosexuals do not love each other because God gets to define love, and he does not define love as homosexuality. A homosexual couple cannot “love” each other any more than an incestuous couple or a pair in any other deviant relationship can. Neither should Christians believe that God would bless a homosexual union, and it is presumptive (and wrong) to say so. Nonetheless, it seems that D. AUXILLY meant well.

They finished by adding, “I’m available to talk and share more about Jesus if you’d like. Feel free to call me.”

It was a terribly polite email, with not an ounce of hatred attached to it. And yet that didn’t stop the homosexual couple from lashing out at them in the media.

Some legal experts claim that even though Missouri laws do not prevent discrimination based upon sexual deviancy, New York’s do, and because that’s where the designer is based, they are open to a likely lawsuit by sodomite couple.

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