Country Star, Jo Dee Messina, Says Jesus Visited Her on Front Porch

Country music star, Jo Dee Messina, recently claimed in an interview that Jesus bodily walked onto her front porch and claimed ownership of her. Evangelical charismatics, enthralled by such silly stories, are widely heralding the tall tale.

But when Christ had offered for all time a single sacrifice for sins, he sat down at the right hand of God…Hebrews 10:12

Messina was diagnosed with cancer in 2017 at the age of 48. A mother to two boys, she was ‘down and out’ as her career had waned along with her popularity on the music circuit. Combined with her diagnosis, Messina was at a low. point.

Messina told PopCulture in an interview of her supposedly divine encounter.

She said, “Jesus Christ walked onto my front porch and argued with me all day long. As real as I’m sitting in this seat, Jesus came to my front porch and He’s like, ‘She’s mine’.

Messina then supposedly ran to a nearby neighbor’s house, who she knew was a Christian, so that she could grow more ‘intimate’ with Christ.

Then, with her career in the toilet, Messina covered a Contemporary Christian Music song, Reckless Love, by Cory Asbury. The song contains reckless theology, as even this charismatic believer points out.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Messina’s story regarding her ecstatic spiritual experience came about as she was releasing a CCM single, and it has proven to be a wise public-relations move. Nothing makes sales to a Christian market better than tales about meeting Jesus first-hand.

Of course, when charismatics claim to have met Jesus in person on Earth, they are actually dabbling with damnable theology. Jesus consists of two natures – both human and divine – and his resurrected physical body is not, unlike his divine nature, omnipresent.

In other words, if Jesus is on Jo Dee Messina’s porch, he is not on the throne in Heaven. And if he is not on the throne in heaven making interecession for us, we are all in big, big trouble.

Even the Apostle’s Paul vision of Christ was a visit to Heaven (whether in the body or spirit, he did not know – 1 Corinthians 12:12), and not on Earth.

No, Jesus is not on your porch. No, he will not personally ‘take the wheel.’ He’s doing more important stuff at the right hand of God the Father.