Canadian Provincial Government to Pay for Breast Implants…for Men

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia will be using taxpayer money to pay for the breast implants of men who are pretending to be women.

The province announced toward the end of June that it would begin to cover the procedure for the gender-confused, under the guise of “gender reassignment” surgery. The change took place on July 1. This is the fourth Canadian province to pay for such surgeries as a part of “gender-reassignment,” following British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta.

The legal change was prompted by a man whose surname is Slaunwhite, and who goes by the fake first name, “Serina.” Slaunwhite garnered the help of the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service and the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project, filing a human rights complaint against the Nova Scotia government claiming that they were discriminating against him in failing to pay for him to mutilate his chest.

Mr. Slaunwhite

Ultimately, the Nova Scotian government would agree with him, and changed their policies accordingly.

The Health and Wellness Minister, Randy Delorey, said, “I can appreciate the distress transgender people can experience during their transition, and I thank those who have advocated for this change. We are now providing more support and more equitable coverage for transgender women.”

The disparity and inequality, according to the Slaunwhite, is that chest mutilation surgeries – like elective and unnecessary masectomies, for example – were available by taxpayer funding for women pretending to be men, but men pretending to women couldn’t get their chests as easily mutilated.

The government had already started to fund “gender reassignment” surgeries as of April 2014, but only on genitalia mutilations. Now, they’re willing to foot the bill for body-fraud from head to toe.

“Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man when they were created” – Genesis 5:2